Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheating again!

Dear Altivo:

I know, I cheated on you again. But I NEVER said I wouldn't! And besides, you probably don't care anyway. Although on our last ride, you had more energy than I've ever seen, almost more than I care to have in a horse, and it was certainly fun to turn you out into the arena and watch you buck and fart your way to a gallop, which you held for 3 laps around!!!
But still, the opportunity to ride trails was too enticing for me, even if you couldn't be there with me.
You've never met Tanna, but she is a little like you. She's friendly and calm, and has a big butt. She's a quarter horse though, so she's way smaller. The ground isn't so far away when I'm sitting on her.
I took a mean face picture, channeling my inner jockey, pretending I'm astride Zenyatta at the finish line- so you can see how much fun we had.  I promise I'll bring you another of my leftover candy canes to make up for this.
I'll be back to inconvenience your life soon, Big Lug!

Love, BGG

In Altivo Update World-

I have one of the barn girls ride him about once a week to keep him focused and make him work harder than I ride him, since I'm so green we don't exactly gallop about the countryside if you know what I mean..  ;)
Well, she reported that he had tons of energy on their last ride, and when I hopped aboard on Friday, he just couldn't stand still!! I never lunge him before we ride since he's so laid back as it is, so I just mounted and started poking around, and he was just amped! I gave him just a little bit of leg and a "let's go" and he started walking in high gear...so I asked for a bit more, and poof! The fastest trot he's ever given me, so fast that posting got difficult, so I sat for it....and I let him go until I felt him start to slow, so I pulled him down into a walk. But wow!! Then after our ride, I put him into the arena so we could do a little groundwork, and he charged around 3 times, so I told him to head the other way, which he did for 2 more laps!!! A thundering Percheron is an awe filled sight indeed!
The only change I can think of is that we've been doing our horsie yoga and he just had bodywork done last weekend.
What a difference! I'm going to visit him tonight or tomorrow night, so I'll see how his energy level is at that point. Ya know, when your horse is healthy, life is GOOD!