Friday, July 23, 2010

Watch her go!!!

So I, being the diligent (over thinking really...) horse owner, cleaned out horsie's feet like I do daily (or mostly daily), and I came across this:

A piece of his sole just lifted right up, and I was told this was "Thrush", which seems sorta like athlete's foot for instructor had told me before that spraying apple cider vinegar on the hooves helps prevent it, so that's what I bought...I sprayed it on his back feet last night, and I'll do that every night from now on. He didn't seem to care, and it only takes a second.
I also started making him stretch- called Carrot Stretches- basically making him stretch to get a treat, which in turn helps keep him limber and flexible. Well, he didn't get it...still doesn't really get it. I want him to stand still and bend his neck to get his treat...he wants to walk in circles around me to get to his prize. So I ended up walking in circles with him for a little bit until he caught on. Day 2, same thing, he tried to walk around me to get to the treats, then realized I wanted him to stay put- he figured it out eventually. I'm hoping that in a couple days he'll catch on.
Also, I grew some HUGE carrots in my garden, so I cut one in half and let him chase me around the arena with it...

I'm glad no one was around, or at least I think no one was around, watching a heavyset lady run around a covered arena waving a giant carrot, with her heavyset horse trotting after her, waging a battle with himself between trotting for the yummy treat or being lazy and standing still.....

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