Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self propelled guilt trip

It's been waaaaaay hot these past couple o'days, and I haven't gone out to the barn to see the horsie.

I feel bad!! Honestly, though, I'm not sure he's concerned, since he's still getting fed, and that's Altivo's main concern in life.

But, prior to my hiatus from the barn, I started training him to lay down for mounting. (Read the last post if you need to know why...)  I found a few videos on YouTube and immediately headed to the barn to make use of my new-found expertise.
Well, Mr. Lippy was more concerned about getting his treat than figuring out what I wanted, but he at least figured out the idea of lifting his foot up when lowering his head, so even if I ask him to lower his head for his carrot stretch, he picks his foot up.

I've got a lesson scheduled for tomorrow night, but on one of my instructor's horses. We both think I'm ready to move to more advanced things than walking in circles, but Altivo isn't advanced enough in HIS training to allow me to learn what I need to know. Once I get more advanced on a better trained horse, I can use those learned techniques while riding him. He hasn't shown any more tripping or falling episodes, so I've been riding him and walking him up and down hills and the steps in the outdoor arena.

Well, I know this wasn't a very exciting update, but have no fear, bold readers, I'll be back with more hijinks later!!!

Oh, and here's a link to a great horse rescue- the owner updates the homepage every morning, never archives it, so if you don't check it everyday, you don't get to read that day's post. He also never updates the horses for adoption on his ranch, but trust me, this guy is an angel, and his writing style is lovely!!

TB Friends

Till next time!!

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