Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're famous!! Well, maybe just a little...

Big, huge, massive thanks to the Copper Gazette online-

I was asked to write up a small piece for their online news site. Copperopolis (yes, that's a real town!), is one of the many towns in the Sierra foothills of California- and their news site has lots of local community info, with fun little stories thrown in.
And I'm in it today!! Wooooooo!!!!

I wrote a completely stand alone piece for them, since I felt like I'd be cheating if I used a blog post. So I figured I'd sum up the past 8 months of horse ownership in an open letter to Altivo. Not that he cares, but if you do, here's the link to my article.. 

Also, last weekend, I went on another trail ride on the OtherHorse. We had a trail ride scheduled for a big group, but the ick is going around, and our rig driver came down sick the morning we were supposed to go. So no ride on the dirty marshmallow horse...which was sad for me, since the trails are really calling to me, and there really is a difference in being on your horse as opposed to someone else's. He knows my signals, I know his body language, and there's just a little more communication there that you and an occasional loaner horse just don't have.

Now, don't take this the wrong way, since Tanna is a great horse- she's very forgiving of a green rider, has a big heart, is very personable, and has a smooth trot and canter...we'll come back to that in a bit.

It's very different grooming and tacking up an OtherHorse, especially this one- she's a Quarter Horse, and I'm used to a Percheron, and that's just one tiny (ok, BIG) difference. Well, their butts are probably the same size.
Oh! So the canter....well, there we were, Tanna and I following HorseFriend and her horse, Freeman. (Kudos to anyone who can guess what breed he is!)
HF says she wants to trot up a hill, and knowing Tanna will follow her, she made sure I was comfortable with it. Trotting isn't scary, so I agreed, and off we went. In her effort to keep up, Tanna switched to a canter, and whoosh, we were flying!! For about 2 seconds, then I slowed her down, scared out of my wits!! Ok, maybe not that bad, but wow, that was a shocker!
HF heard hoofbeats behind her, slowed her horse to turn and look at us, and off flew her sunglasses, inches from the horse's hoof! She hopped off to grab them, and we realized that we were standing in an open field, no rocks or high points in sight...and we ride her horses with nothing but bareback pads. Silly, silly trail riders.
But wait! We put our two horses together, I flexed my foot, and she stepped up, using it as a mounting block. Ta Da!!! One rider up, thank you very much!

So, all in all, it was a good time, and hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to take Altivo up and we can go trail crazy!

Until next time!

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emr2e said...

That was an exciting and enjoyable ride...I'm working on branding a special "boot cover" for on-the-trail bareback mounting, hehehehe.