Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up....

Ok, so I jumped ahead of myself last blog, so we'll do a little bit of looking into the past, and a little sneak peek into the future.

We'll travel back in time first-

Altivo had his feet trimmed- actually about a month ago. When I bought him, his feet were HORRIBLE!!
I didn't take pictures of them before, but I do have a couple pictures of his first foot trimming, and in this first one you can see the trimmed one in the background, versus the untrimmed one in the foreground.
The front left one was actually starting to flare out a little, so the trimmer had to come back 10 days later to reshape it again!! I'm glad I have good resources since I'm so green, my hoof trimmer is John Tucker, a well respected trimmer in the barefoot community.
Here are a couple more pics- I giggle at the next picture since it shows the size of his feet compared to a human sized foot!!

And this next one is the finished product!! He was so good- I guess draft horses can be a pain in the youknowwhat about having their feet poked at but he doesn't seem to mind at all.

THEN, after that fun was done, the mailman letter carrier person showed up, and poof!!!
We haz bridle nao!!! whoooooo!!! Yes, his halter is underneath, since I didn't have my reins yet, and was just trying on the fit....he took the bit fairly willingly, but he also knows that if he holds his head up I can't reach him...brat.

And after that was done, I got to go to the Western States Horse Expo, and we found a drafty size fly mask,

So now pest control is underway, just in time for the icky summer heat.

I ordered my bridle and reins from The Distance Depot, and I got my 6 1/2" bit (yes, you read that right) from eBay.
Now begins the search for a saddle that'll fit the monster little angel.

I have a lesson tonight, and will blog about that this evening or tomorrow- it's the first lesson with his bit and bridle!!

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Lunavie said...

He has a beautiful sweet face and kind eyes, you are lucky my dear!