Monday, June 28, 2010

How did I live without these links????

Ok, so lesson was postponed last night, due to the 102 degree temperature last night at 7:30pm!!!! That type of heat is inappropriate!!! So I worked on spritzing Altivo with a water bottle to de-sensitize him to spray stuff, and it was so hot out, he was leaning into it and at one point, he opened his mouth, and I spritzed water right at him- he loved it. He lifted his lip and stood there with his eyes closed and let me spray water right at him...what a clown!!
Oh, and I had a little bit of fun.....sure, too hot to ride, but not too hot for glitter!!!
MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He was a good sport- just looked at me like I was nuts and stood there hoping for a treat.

So today I wanted to throw up a couple of links of sites I found, and this first one is wonderful- it's a blog about a big girl with a big horse (hey, that's like me!!!) only she actually seems to know what she's doing.

A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse

She has some really neat posts up there about her, her horse Bronwyn, and her adventures...pretty cool!!

I've been looking for accessories for Altivo- I need a saddle pad and since I don't have alot of experience, I've been reading what others have to say about them- here,


And of course, I still frequent The Worst of CL Horse Ads, whose snark is fun and educational!!!

Lesson was rescheduled for Thursday, I'll have a recap then.


Lunavie said...

Ahhh! I LOVE the glittery hoof!

The CL Horse For Sale Ad Queen said...

Thank you so much for the mention!