Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm in Blog Love!!

So I know I have linked Fugly Horse of the Day here before- a beautifully snarky blog about the nasty people in the world who don't take care of their horses....but this is a lovely blog that relates to my last post-

Best and Worst of CL Horse for Sale Blog!!!

This blogger puts it all out there- and it encourages me to keep looking on CraigsList- maybe there might be a friend on there that needs help.

In other news- teacher has been on vacation, so it's been stable duty only, no lessons. I'm getting more comfortable about communicating to the horses exactly what I want from them while they're poking their noses in my face (and wheelbarrow, and shavings fork, and everywhere else!) while I'm cleaning their stalls, and I have learned a little more about horse behavior just by watching them interact with eachother in the pastures.

I'm heading to the tack shop today to buy my helmet, since my noggin is a valuable piece of me- I have been told that the Tipperary helmets are a good schooling helmet, so that's the direction I'm heading in. I stopped in the other day but they were out of them, and said they would call me when they came in- they called me yesterday, so let's hope there wasn't a crazy demand for them!
Here's another horsie picture....
Next lesson is on Sunday, so I'll be back with a report then.

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