Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh Craigslist- you are a wellspring of hilarity.

I have been known to peruse CraigsList from time to time....but I feel like there are really only 3 types of ads for horses for sale. I've decided to show you these examples, with appropriate typographical and spelling errors on the first one, so you can see what one will read when looking for horses.

Example 1(AKA, The perfect horse that is so perfect it's perfectly perfect. Perfect.):

Hi I am selling my horse hes the sweetest horse ever hes been out to pastchur for 2 years or so but he had training when he was younger and you can ride him and everything you could do anything to this horse and he just stands there I think hes like 5 or 6 and you can ride him western or english or on trales or in the arena or on the streets or anywhere you could put your kid or husband on him and he is sweet and gentle never needs his feet trimed or his teeth neither he had shots 2 years ago and I hate to sell him but I need the money to buy a car he trailers great and stands for forever if you want him to hes the perfect horse you wont find any better out there asking $300

Example 2 (The out of touch owner, AKA either I don't want to sell this horse or I am just looking for money):

Selling 3 year old filly, AQHA, really sweet horse. Not broken, trailer shy, really pushy, has herd issues, needs training,  really pretty head. Doesn't like to stand for the vet and doesn't like to be touched. Asking $6000 to approved home only!

Example 3 (AKA I want to make some money): Selling 2 year old filly, Dam is DOCSMOSTEXPENSIVEHORSE, sire is IMAKEMYOWNERSMONEY, both were great money making horses!!! Halter broke not gentled saddle trained but ready to make money for your money winning project! I sold a colt from the same parents for 20,000 dollars 3 years ago, this filly is a steal at $10,000. (No pictures are posted)

I feel like people are lying all around- I understand, you have a horse that you're trying to get rid of, but be realistic- no horse is "perfect"....if that were the case, they'd rule the world instead of people, and we all know how perfect we
Secondly, the horse economy is in the toilet. If you need to sell your horse, take the time to find out what the horse you have is actually worth- one that's never been handled, not broken, and needs alot of training is NOT worth what some people are asking- and not posting up pictures of something that you're trying to sell is just plain silly.
Oh, and the whole "I bought him for my husband but he doesn't ride" bit? Yeah, don't be so stupid as to buy a horse for your husband without asking him if he is even remotely interested in riding!! Are men that stupid on horses that to point out how gentle a horse is you call him a "husband horse"?
I know I know, I don't know alot about horses- but I'm not stupid in general- If your horse is so darn wonderful, why do you only want 200 bucks for him? And on the flip side, if it's a crappy economy, why would I pay over $2,000 for your trainer's nightmare? And if I wanted to make money on horses, I'd invest in the Stock Market on my iPhone while I'm riding at my next lesson, since that's the only feasible way to me, it seems. Oh, and for all of a picture, and make it a better one than the horse's butt, or a picture of numerous horses without saying which is the one for sale...and spell things properly!!
I'm done ranting....


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May I use this please? LOL!

Hearsegirl said...

HA! it's yours if you want it- I love your blog!