Saturday, April 17, 2010

My first Horse Auction

Well, I found out there was a horse auction today, and while I wasn't buying (I made sure not to show up early enough to preview ANY of them!), I wanted to go and get a feel for how one goes.
In this auction's case, there were 45 horses of various breeds, and all except 8 had their lineage printed in the auction catalog.

Now, I know everyone in the horse business is aware of the horse economy and how low it's All I can say is, I'm glad I didn't have a bidder number, because these horses were selling for WAY lower than they should've. This little mare in the picture above, 9 years old, disgusting amount of experience with cattle, sold for $1400! And this pretty brood mare below, at 11 years old, halter trained (they didn't say she was saddle trained though :( only went for $300!! It made me have to listen to such low numbers.

Well, I talked to my teacher at our lesson Thursday- she had me ride in a different saddle so I could learn the differences between them. This saddle had more of a flat seat as opposed to a "wedge" seat, and boy, it made my butt hurt! I knew that there were different styles of saddle, but it was interesting to learn there are even more differences- I feel overwhelmed by the idea of purchasing a saddle someday. There is a horse expo coming to my area, so I will definitely be going to sponge more information into my brain.

I'm still waffling about buying a horse of my own. On the one hand, it seems like fun, being able to go to the barn whenever I please, to hang out with my horse, groom him, clean him, and of course, ride him, and try to make him into the best horse for me. Or even just to stop in and say hi, here's a carrot.
But on the other hand, there is the expense involved, and the commitment. A horse is a living being, not just a toy you can get bored with and throw in your closet or sell at a garage sale. All of the overflowing rescue organizations out there are proof that not enough people considered these factors when entering into owner-hood. Am I prepared to have vet bills that would make a serious dent in my finances? Prepared for the horse's possible "off days", where he's not ridable, for whatever reason? Am I prepared to care for him even if I could never ride him again? Am I prepared to spend time to bond with this horse, so that he doesn't become a pasture ornament at a boarding facility, where the other people at the stable say "Yeah, that horse is owned by some lady, but she's like, NEVER here. I haven't seen her in ages!"

I need to think about this. I need to make sure I'm not going to get a horse irresponsibly. I need to make sure this wanting is real....

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